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Packed to please! (Gabriati)

Every excellent read,most often, seems to have a flaw that disheartens the reader.This could be the style,pace or simply the length.The author,being the avid reader I know him as,has managed to eliminate all these possible flaws and has brought to us a book that entertains all through it's 406 pages.The pace deserves special mention owing to the book's genre, readers feel compelled to turn over the page till the very last one.The ability to cast such a spell on it's readers is what makes 'Gabriati-the rise of the preceptor' , a true winner.Neatly packed with a crisp & clean narrative,incredible style,intriguing plot twists and reasonable length, this book would be great addition to your collection. The fact that this is the author's first book, only makes the effort all the more impressive. Eagerly awaiting his second book. Palliyani shows Promise.

  • Posted by Sunandini Raj

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