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Absolute class !!!! (Gabriati)

To the talented young author , They call you the Indian Dan Brown , but I prefer calling you the Indian Higashino, because ththe most striking feature of Gabriati , I feel , is the perfect logic ... and why not , as both are Engineer turned writers ... In a time where it is even difficult to see a youngster reading a book , it's heartening to see someone as young as you , having the will & courage to write a book; that too a perfect classic thriller !!!! Really appreciate that ... Gabriati is an absolute page Turner .. its like a perfect jigsaw puzzle which solves itself in an unbelievable & interesting way .. I could see the influence of Mahaharat, but that's bec there is nothing in the world , which is not there is Mahabharat, the great epic ... The characters are real & believable , but at the same time larger than life at some points of time . I read the book 3 times and enjoyed it every time .. I really hope & wish that the youngsters are so inspired by this extraordinary journey of Gabriati , that we get to see a lot of the kids with books in their hands... Waiting for the next book.... I request everyone to grab a copy of this ASAP ....

  • Posted by Vijaya

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