Book Review : Gabriati - Rise of the Preceptor (Gabriati)

Gabriati is a book with many doors and every door opens up to a valley of drama, mystery and suspense. The book had a lot of troughs and crests which made the reading experience a great adventure. From the very start all the characters were in action and from time to time their need to move ahead was felt immensely. The 50 chapter long ride ended with a feeling of happiness. Right from the start I knew that I have fell in love with Gabriati, the famous person from the Brotherhood but I was taken aback when I was offered a lot more options from the same firm. The bravery of every character is shown in great length and that can make anybody feel Goosebumps without any prior hint or notice. Tale starts from the search of Gabriati who is wandering here and there because he has a lot on his shoulders, which needs execution. The quest starts with a bang on and the true colours of the characters comes in front. Michael rises from the ashes and turns out to be a rigorous fellow who has compiled the mission of finding Gabriati with his hidden personal agenda. The power of the story lies in the hands of characters who have indulged themselves so much in the present scenario. They can easily connect with the reader very strongly, with this power to pull you with themselves. The novel was rich in imagery which made the scenes innovative, like Michael’s vision from the airplane window. It was powerful and highly creative. It added to the mood perfectly. The confusion that is created between Azaria and Michael has a lot of pain within. The helplessness which Michael feels makes him stand out of the box and that is the reason why he finds a place above others. He has that power, that craziness which has reserved the place for him of high order. The concept of Omnipotence Paradox, the question which Michael raised was enough to show the level of the book. Terrific. The fighting sequence adds up in the mood of the thriller and the showdown can surely blow away your mind. Summing up- The author had a well-planned outline of his book otherwise “Gabriati” wouldn’t have been possible. Every turn was taken care of and no place came where I could question the expertise of the author as an unmatched story-teller. He infused so many things in this really long suspenseful thriller that it became easy to handle, without any hint of boredom while reading it. Read the whole review @

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