Book Review : 'Gabriati : Rise of the Preceptor' by Sreyus Palliyani (Gabriati)

‘Gabriati : Rise of the Preceptor’ by Sreyus Palliyani is an interesting book. It starts off with a prologue, telling us of a covert brotherhood, which is 3,000 years old. The job of the brotherhood is now at stake, as the protagonist stands up. He is Gabriati, an almost superhero, with powers, which could leave the people of the world, flabbergasted. It basically runs across the globe, across people, and manages to kill them and protect them. With utmost cruelty and utmost gentleness, Gabriati takes on to the world’s largest religious institutions. It is up to him to find, research and hunt. Through ruthless killings and through gentle ways, he manages to get through his living days. Whether it is the terrorists, or the so called saints or the swamis of the world, Gabriati would find them. You never really get where he is or what he is doing, but one thing is for certain, he will definitely get his man, at the end. Palliyani, though is good at the research, tends to test my patience. It did make sense to me, that there are bad people, and he would find ways of destruction, but what did not make sense, was the pages and pages around it. The book touches upon the various ways of handling of faith and how it is manipulated, over a period of time. The book is of a fast pace, but I felt at times, that it could have been a tad, faster if only the pages were down. And the second story of Michael and Azaria was an interesting one, and I wish that it did not overshadow the original Gabriati story. There are times when it tends to do that, and probably take over the story. But, in the end, the story told is a good one, and I hoped that this one was in two parts. But nevertheless, welcome to the world of publishing, Sreyus Palliyani… Read the whole story @

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