Gabriati: Rise of The Preceptor – Sreyus Palliyani [Book Review] (Gabriati)

Gabriati is one of those books that excited me right from the time I read the title of the book. I did take quite a bit of my time with the book to read it and finish it. The time taken to do this was more to relish the pretty good writing by a debutant and a young author Sreyus. Gabriati is the tale of one person who tries to play the role of the preceptor who plays both a saviour and a traitor to different people. I do wonder if Sreyus took inspiration from similar themed books to craft the character of Gabriati and the others in the book, but the grey shade characterisation of Gabriati is definitely one of the finest I have seen from a debut author. There is a tendency to make such a type of character larger than real by even experienced authors, but Sreyus definitely shows good restraint in doing that shows the character in a more believable way. Well almost. There is a lot happening in the book. The book traverses multiple geographies and features multiple people – both good and bad. However, it neatly ties up the people, the geographies, the proceedings and leaves very little open to interpretation; well, everything except the last few pages. There is a strange sibling duo (which is separated) in the book and without divulging much about their characters, I would like to say that there is a lot of maturity shown in creating the two characters. So much that you begin feeling for the two characters and start vouching for them both. The writing in the book, as I said earlier, is one of the books greatest strengths and there is definitely hope for Sreyus to shine as a writer. The plot and the writing go hand in hand and the mystery of the book continues to remain relevant through most of the book and that is Sreyus’ greatest success. The only weakness in the book is perhaps the sidelining of the title character himself in a few cases, so much that you also forget that he exists. Overall, Gabriati was a fun read and I am looking forward to see what comes up next in the career of the author Sreyus! Read the whole story @

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