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Duty: A Story of Honour & Sacrifice and an Award Winning Film

The past few weeks have been undeniably tense for every Indian across the world. Our country’s safety has been compromised, our men have been martyred and our families have been torn apart. When th ...


Sreyus Palliyani's Article on Indian Nationalism & Personal Ideological Ambition

United we stand, divided we fall. A phrase I have often chanted with pride ever since I first heard it in history class about India as a child. With a childhood spent beyond the borders of India, I ...


Lecture Series: Insight to the Ethical and Technical Principalities of Research

Catch Sreyus Palliyani @ Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit as part of the Lecture Series on March 8! Insight to the ethical and technical principalities of research The event will be part o ...


Interview with Indulge-The New Indian Express

Check out Sreyus Palliyani's story at Indulge by Arya Dinesh Read the full story @ ...